Leadership and ministry, lay and ordained: Insights for rural multi-church groups Summary Report

‘It’s time to end the myth of the complete leader; the flawless person at the top who’s got it all figured out. In fact, the sooner leaders stop trying to be all things to all people, the better off their organizations will be.’

This is a summary of a large ecumenical research report Leadership and ministry, lay and ordained: insights from rural multi-church which explores leadership and the development of the ministry of lay people in rural multi-church groups.

Worshipping Together

Worshipping Together is designed to enable those who worship in rural churches to plan and lead worship that is appropriate for their contexts and doesn’t require the presence or practical involvement of a clergy person. With rural clergy – across the denominations – responsible for larger groups of churches, we know that the involvement of lay people in planning and leading worship is becoming increasingly important.

Carols and nativity service for nursing homes

Nursing home service for people with dementia

Wine harvest blessing

In many Old World wine growing countries, it is an established practice going back many centuries for wineries and vineyards to host a Blessing of the Vines or Blessing of the Harvest Festival. Today, clergy overseas are still actively invited to bestow a blessing for healthy vines and a fruitful harvest and offer thanks for another productive season.

Harvest: all age worship ideas

Interactive Harvest Talks

These talks are suitable for use in a children’s talk or all-age worship service, or in a primary school assembly.

Harvest: a difficult year for farmers

2018 has been a difficult year for many farmers (germinate.net/all-is-safely-gathered-in). As you prepare to lead worship go and speak to a local farmer about the harvest and consider inviting a farmer to speak at your service so people can hear more about what has been happening locally.

There are some further resources for a time of crisis in agriculture on our website (germinate.net/resources/agricultural-crisis).

Heathfield Rural Street Pastors

Concern for young people engaged in low level vandalism and anti-social behaviour led Christians in Heathfield, a large rural village, to establish its own group of Street Pastors. The group has had an extremely positive effect on the community and are now known locally as ‘trustworthy friends’.

South Lincolnshire social issues: The Fensociety Project

The work known as ‘Social Issues in South Lincolnshire’ or Fensociety Project was initiated in November 2010 by Fr Jonathan Sibley of St Mary, Long Sutton. This was partially due to his involvement with local communities and new arrivals from the European Union. He was asked to coordinate and assess the needs and nature of social injustice issues in this area and create an informed and coordinated response to them.

The Wayfarer’s Church, Kilton

Decommissioned in December 2004, St Nicolas’ Church, Kilton, was scheduled to become a controlled ruin with roof removed and walls capped. Spiritual growth was at the very centre of the restoration project and St Nicholas is now a thriving and much visited prayer and daytime retreat centre.